Your Guide to January Wine

With the holidays behind us, winter (for me at least) has lost some of its charm. December is exciting and bright and magical, and from then on out it’s a two and a half month slog through overcast skies, bleak landscapes, and shortened days until spring arrives. It doesn’t have to be that way though! There is wine for every season, and winter wines can make the dreary months seem a little more bright. Here is Amarose’s 2023 guide to January wine!

The Perfect Temperature for January Wine

The defining feature of winter weather is the cold, so it’s probably best to leave most of your chilled wines be until the warmer months. Room temperature and warmed up wines, on the other hand, are a perfect contrast to the frigid outdoors. Red wines are good for this, and while it takes a bit more work than simply uncorking a bottle, nothing will warm you up in January better than a cup of hot mulled wine.

So White Wine Is Off the Table?

Not necessarily! While red wines do usually fit the vibe of winter better, there’s plenty of whites that offer rich, buttery flavors that are perfect for curling on the couch while it snows outside. For example, a chardonnay is a delightful white wine that fits the season perfectly.

What About a Red January Wine?

When selecting the perfect red wine for January, you’ll want to find something heavier in alcohol content, darker and color, and less fruity in taste. Think of something you could imagine drinking with a beef stew or a similarly warming winter dish. Some good examples include  Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.

What Was That About Mulled Wine?

I’m glad you asked! Mulled wine is super easy to make in your own kitchen. Simply fill a small pot with your preferred winter wine and combine it with brandy, orange slices, and mulling spices (e.g. star anise, cloves, ginger, etc.) of your choice. Heat the concoction until it’s at the desired temperature, making sure not to boil the wine, then serve and enjoy! While mulled wine is traditionally made with red wine, you can make a delicious variation with Amarose. If you want to spice things up even more, we suggest trading out the orange slices for grapefruit slices, which adds extra deliciousness to mulled wine made from rosé. 

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