Winter Wine

Wine can be enjoyed at any time of the year, but if you’re like me you like to keep your beverages in a loose seasonal rotation. You can enjoy a hearty potato based stew in the summer but that doesn’t mean that it won’t feel a bit better in the fall or winter. The same is true of wine! As the nights get longer and the days get colder, you may find yourself taking stock of your wine reserves and thinking: What will warm me up best in this chilly, chilly season? Solid winter wines tend to be drier, higher in alcohol content, and often taste good heated or mulled.

How about a rich red?

When deciding on a wintery wine to pair with a seasonal feast, its usually pretty hard to go wrong with a full bodied red like a cab sav or a syrah. Not only do these pair well with richer, heavier winter fare, but the higher alcohol content will make your body think it’s a good deal warmer than it actually is. 

If you pick a red that has a little extra sweetness alongside its full body, you’ve found a perfect candidate for mulling. Great with a meal or as an after dinner treat, wine heated up with mulling spices is a divine experience, and can be done at home at little extra cost.

Are whites on the table?

You don’t normally think of white wine when you think of winter wine, but that doesn’t mean that they have no place in a seasonal meal. If you haven’t tried orange wine, this winter might be the time! Orange wine is made with white grapes, but like a red wine it allows the grape skin to remain in contact with the juice during the winemaking process. The result is a richer, fuller body, much better suited for a winter wine. Sort of like a reverse rosé!

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