Wine Walks: An Expert’s Guide

Wine walks. We’ve all done them. It’s the post-pandemic era and there’s no shame in it: Get a little bit of wine, take a nice walk outside, and sip as you enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Maybe you like to drink a little chardonnay as you walk around a local body of water, or some pinot noir as you traipse through a rose garden. Maybe you take a trek through the woods with a splash of rosé! Whatever your preference, there’s usually only one thing standing in the way of a good time: Open container laws. Thankfully, we’ve got your back with some acceptable to-go cups that can keep your wine walks on the right side of the law.

WATER BOTTLE: The Boring Option

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s washable: Just wash out your trusty water bottle and put some wine in it. This option is the easiest and requires the least preparation, but it does come with its drawbacks. For one, a water bottle will hold way more wine than you want to drink, and you’ll have to regulate yourself either by not filling it up all the way or by keeping track of how much you have drank (which can be hard to do with an opaque water bottle!) Also, some of the romanticism of wine walks will inevitably be lost with such a boring, regular container.

REPURPOSED JUICE BOX: For Wine Walks Down Memory Lane

This method is a lot more intensive than the first, but it’s got a lot of style. Drink a juice box like a Capri Sun, cut open the top, fill it with wine, and reseal with a curling iron or some similar heat source. An instantly grown up Juice box! For this one you’ll definitely need to plan ahead, but it’s worth it to combine the thrill of a wine walk with the nostalgic packaging of a Capri Sun.

SIPPY CUP: The Platonic Ideal

This is the best of both worlds. Both reusable and low-maintenance and reminiscent of childhood spring days, a sippy cup will hold the right amount of wine and add a splash of whimsy to your wine walk. Be sure, however, to buy a fresh one from the store rather than stealing one from a young relative or neighbor. If there’s one thing more illegal than an open container, it’s stealing from children.

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