Wine Theft Prevention When Living With Roommates

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Living with other people has a lot of benefits. Roommates makes rent cheaper, but they also offer a sense of camaraderie that people in their twenties and thirties might otherwise be missing. Humans are communal creatures and having a roommate or two is in many ways essential for a single adult in the modern world. However, there is a dark side to the world of roommates. If you have a wine stash, it can be endlessly stressful trying to keep your roommates from pilfering it. Wine theft is a crime, but sometimes it can be hard to prove that your roommates are stealing your wine. Don’t worry. As always, we’ve got you covered.

Wine Theft Protection Essentials

There’s a few basic steps you can take to prevent wine theft. Place markers on your bottles of wine so that if the amount of liquid inside goes down, you can tell. Keep a careful inventory of each of your bottles, and update it daily to make sure that none go missing without you knowing. Keep your wine clearly marked so that a well meaning roommate doesn’t accidentally steal some.

What if that doesn’t work?

If you’re following all these steps and still losing wine to your horrible thieving roommates, don’t worry. There are further steps you can take to ensure your rights as a roommate and a collector of wine are being respected.Think about hiding your wine, under a loose floorboard or behind the hot water heater. If that fails, you can also pour your wine into innocuous containers that your roommates would never expect. A carton of milk? Nope, it’s wine. Be sure to disguise your wine as something your roommate would never touch.

They are still stealing my wine.

In that case, there may be no solution other than to make piece. Wine theft is terrible, but wine given freely is joy for all parties. Or you could start spiking your stash with low grade rat poison and make them really sick. Entirely up to you

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