Wine Prep: How to Drink Wine Like A Pro


There is a bell curve when it comes to wine enjoyment. On one end are those who know nothing about wine etiquette and thus drink freely and happily, perhaps not getting the most out of their wine but not knowing that anything is amiss. On the other end are those who are confident in their wine knowledge, who also drink freely and happily in the knowledge that they are doing everything right. The middle of this bell curve is an ungodly cesspool of stress. You know that there is a correct way to maximize the flavor of your wine, but are you doing it right? What if you did it wrong? You will never get those sips back. You’re not good enough for this. You should go back to drinking 5 dollar canned cocktails and never show your face in public again. If you have ever thought something like that while drinking wine, don’t worry! I’ve got the perfect guide for you to learn the ins and outs of wine prep.

Wine Temperature?

This rule is well known, but very important: Keep your red wines at room temperature, keep your white wines in the refrigerator! If you’ve every drank a hot soda or a lukewarm cup of coffee you know how much temperature can make or break a beverage. A white wine should be crisp and refreshing, and you can’t have a crisp and refreshing sip that isn’t chilled! It just can’t be done! Similarly, the complexity of a red wine just won’t come through if your tastebuds are too chilly. Even though rosé is made with red grapes, it should be chilled along with your white wine. Temperature is key to wine prep!

What is decanting?

Decanting your wine is an advanced technique known only to the most skilled wine enthusiasts. It’s also incredibly simple and easy, and you too can do if with the right container! Basically, the flavor of wine improves when given twenty or thirty minutes to ‘breathe.’ The problem is, simply uncorking a bottle and letting it sit isn’t going to make much of a difference. In order to maximize the amount of wine that makes contact with the air, it’s wise to pour your wine into a decanter, which is a broad jug that will allow the liquid to oxidize. If you don’t have a dedicated decanter, any broad container will do!

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