Wine for Spring

A woman pours a bottle of 2021 Amarosé Rosé wine into a wine glass on a table with vases of wild flowers in the background.

The last few months of winter are hard. In December everything is awesome, the snow is pretty, the cold is novel, and the holidays are just around the corner to provide fun with friends and family and a break from work. By now though, you’re probably sick of short days, low temperatures, and flaky white garbage falling from the sky. It’s okay though, because spring is just around the corner. To prepare for the warmer months, let’s talk about the best wine for spring, and what you should be stocking up on this March.

White Wine

Light, fruity, and easy to drink, white wine is a great option for spring. But that doesn’t mean that some white wines aren’t better than others. While winter whites tend to be rich, oaky, and buttery, white wine for spring is usually unoaked, with a lighter, more acidic flavor. Try a bottle of pinot gris or sauvignon blanc to liven up your springtime celebrations!

Red Wine for Spring

If your wine habits change with the seasons, you probably associate reds with the winter or the fall. But a good red can get you through the springtime as well! You’ll want to pick something from the lighter-bodied end of the red wine spectrum with lower levels of tannins. A grenache or a pinot noir are perfect picks for spring.


It is possible that we have an agenda to push here, but rosé is the perfect wine for spring. Not as tannic as reds, not as oaky as whites, rosé is a wine designed to be light and refreshing. You can find a good springtime wine in the white and red sections, but if you really want to capture the essence of spring in a glass of wine, you won’t be able to do better than rosé.

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