Why Amarose Rosé is the Perfect Valentine Wine

Valentines Day is just around the corner, which means the amount of stress-related hospitalizations due to one’s inability to find the perfect Valentine wine are at an all-time high. We sympathize! Who among us has not poured over our entire wine rack in search of the right bottle? Who among us has not lost full heads of hair to the horrifying thought that your Valentines Day might be ruined by an imperfect wine? We are here to offer you some relief, and also confirm your suspicions: There is an objectively perfect Valentine wine. That wine is Amarose rosé. This is not a matter of taste, it is a matter of science. And in this post I shall prove it.


Amarose is beautiful to look at. It is paler than many rosés, and carries with it a slight orange tinge that calls to mind the summery crispness of its taste. But largely, Amarose is pink. This is important because Valentines Day is also pink. A white wine on valentines day would feel stale and sterile. A red is just too much. But Amarose rosé will match perfectly with the pink hearts and flowers that one associates with Valentines Day. This is simple science.


A bold claim, I know. But for the past two years highly trained Amarose scientists have been hard at work synthesizing ‘love’ into a drinkable substance. We planned to infuse Amarose with the love-flavor to boost sales, but once we created it we realized that it tasted exactly like Amarose. We had already perfectly replicated the flavor of love! One of life’s little miracles, and more proof that Amarose is the perfect Valentines wine.


Amarose. Ama-rose. Anyone who has taken high school Latin can tell you that ama- comes from amare, the Latin world for love. Ama has been preserved through the ages and retained its meaning, from the Spanish ‘amar’ to the Italian ‘amore’ to the English ‘amorous.’ Amarose is the rosé of love, and thus is the perfect Valentine wine for a perfect Valentines Day. Pick up a bottle today!

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