What’s the Deal With Amarose Wine?

Here at the Through the Grapevine blog, we like to have variety with our topics– as long as it’s related to the world of wine, we’re more than happy to write about it! But it would be a bit of a stretch to call us unbiased. There is one wine that we love above all the rest, and if you’ve found this blog, I’m sure you already know what it is: Amarose rosé. If you haven’t tried Amarose yet, here are a few facts that are sure to sway you.

What is Amarose?

Amarose is a Provence style rosé vinted in Lodi, California. Amarose is made from a blend of four traditionally French grapes and is drier than many rosés, prioritizing crispness and flavor over sweetness. It’s best served chilled, and a seasoned nose will detect the floral aromas and taste the crisp strawberry, apple, and raspberry notes. While rosé is traditionally a summer drink, Amarose is a delicious happy hour choice 12 months out of the year.

Who Makes Amarose?

Amarose was created by father-daughter duo Tim and Ally Covello in 2019, when Tim left his former job to pursue his dream of founding a wine company. From there, they teamed up with Joseph Smith, an award winning winemaker and one of the biggest stars of the Lodi wine scene. Every fall, the wine making team meets in Lodi to finalize the blend for that year’s vintage of this truly world-class rosé. 

Why Rosé?

As those in the wine business know, rosé historically has had a reputation as a crowd-pleasing but less refined wine than its red and white counterparts. As a boutique winery, Amarose feels kinship with the underdog and has set out to prove the naysayers wrong. Amarose’s complex flavor profile is engaging and compelling to those with an accomplished palate, while still maintaining the delicious approachability that draws many casual wine drinkers. Amarose wine is made to be shared, so we craft it to be enjoyable to a diverse range of wine lovers everywhere. 

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