What Wine Is Best for Thanksgiving 2022?


Halloween has come and gone! Some people might try to convince you that its time to start thinking about Christmas and the winter holidays, but don’t listen to them! Thanksgiving is still happening this year, and that means turkey, stuffing, and, if you’re like us, the right bottle of wine! Read on to find out the best wine for Thanksgiving 2022!

Pinot Noir

A Pinot Noir is a classic thanksgiving choice. The red wine fits in with the autumnal themes of the holiday, but it’s also light enough to not get in the way of the copious amount of food that you’ll be eating. If you’re looking for a wine for thanksgiving that’s safe and functional while also being delicious, you can’t beat a Pinot Noir!


Red wine is the norm at most thanksgivings, but turkey, like most poultry, is known to pair well with a nice white. In our experience, Chardonnay is a choice sure to please attendees of all ages and tastes. Thanksgiving 2022 could be the year of Chardonnay!

Sauvignon Blanc

If Chard isn’t quite your style but you still want a white wine, we’d like to humbly recommend a Sauvignon blanc. As a light and dry white wine, a nice Sav will pair well with the turkey and, like the Pinot Noir, not be so heavy as to muscle out the food on your plate. As wine for Thanksgiving 2022, you can do a lot worse!


Perhaps a controversial choice, but to me no red wine fits an autumnal vibe better than a Zinfandel. It’s not light, and it doesn’t traditionally pair with turkey, but its smoky, spicy taste will warm you up and get you ready for winter. For thanksgiving 2022, it might be the perfect choice.


Of course, a rosé could be the best of both worlds. Neither too heavy nor poorly matched with the turkey, there’s not much downside to trying a rosé this November 24th. It’s traditionally a spring and summer wine, but for Thanksgiving 2022, it could change your view! Maybe bring a bottle of Amarose this Thanksgiving, purchased from our online shop!

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