What To Do With Your Old Wine

We’ve all been there: You buy a perfect glass of wine for a delicious meal, maybe a chardonnay paired with grilled swordfish or a meaty Zinfandel to enjoy with a spaghetti bolognese. You have a glass or maybe two and stick the rest back in your pantry or refrigerator to enjoy at a later date. But then you forget about it. And days go by. And when you finally remember, your delicious nectar has turned into something terrible: Old wine. Sour. Vinegary. Bad. A terrible shame, but not a total loss! While you might think the best course of action would be to pour the subprime beverage down the sink, the truth is that there is still a use for wine even when it loses its delicious flavor!

Cooking Wine

One of the easiest and most delicious uses for expired wine is as a cooking additive! The same rules with pairing apply to cooking, so white wines will work best as an ingredient in creamy and light concoctions, while a red is best in darker, meatier dishes. I never make a light chicken pasta without adding a splash of white wine to the sauce, and an awesome way to boost flavor in pot roasts or in chili is to supplement your beef broth with a glass or two of red wine. Just make sure to cook the sauce enough for the alcohol to burn off.

Boozy Fly Trap

If you’ve got a fruit fly infestation in your kitchen, expired wine can help you keep the buzzing down. Pour the wine into a bowl and cover the top with plastic wrap. Poke a few small holes in the plastic and watch as those bastard flies get trapped and drown. Unless you like the sight of dead bugs you might not want to use a glass bowl for this one.

Meat Marinade

Cooking isn’t the only thing expired wine is good for– It’s also a great marinade for meat. The acidity of the liquid tenderizes the meat over time, ensuring that if you prepare the marinade the night before the meat will be perfect by the time you’re ready to cook..

Looking for a wine to leave out so it gets old and stale? Well, don’t choose Amarose. You’ll drink the whole thing and the experiment will be ruined. Pick a nice red or white and let us know the results!

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