What is the Best Wine for Valentines Day?

February is here, and for some that means old brown snow, not enough sunlight, and a nagging feeling that winter should be over already. But if you’re single, February isn’t just a bad month: it’s the worst. Valentines day, right in the middle of the month, is a reminder of how happy your friends with partners are and how you are alone. But all is not lost! You can still get a date in time, or at least in time for next year, if you can accurately pick the best wine for Valentines Day.

White Wine

White wine isn’t the most traditional wine for Valentines Day. Chilled, fruity, and buttery flavors tend to work better in the warmer months, and, as we’ll talk about later, red is the color of love! However, there is one type of white wine that is perfect for Valentines Day, and that is champagne, prosecco, or any type of sparkling white wine. A traditional celebratory drink, carrying a bottle of champagne around on valentines day will have you primed to immediately make a toast if a potential partner accepts your advances.

Red Wine

It’s hard to go wrong with a red wine for Valentines day, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain options that are better than others. I recommend something layered and complex with fruity notes, like a cabernet sauvignon. Recommending this wine to a potential life partner is almost guaranteed to net you a Valentines date, but if for some reason the cab sav lets you down you can tell them that red wine is considered an aphrodisiac, which is a fact and thus impossible for them to deny.

The Greatest Wine for Valentines Day: Rosé

There is a simple reason for this: Rosé is pink. Pink is the color of valentines day. You can’t get more on brand than that! If you’re single on valentines day, call up any eligible partner you know and offer them a bottle of rosé. It will work! I promise you!

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