The Health Benefits of Rosé


We all know at this point that a lot of health trends are phony. One year the experts are telling you that you need to eat more eggs, the next a headline reads “eggs cause cancer, cease consumption immediately.” Nowhere is the health benefits of a food more heavily contested than in the world of wine. Some studies indicate a correlation between wine consumption and longer lifespans, but there’s nothing conclusive. Today, we are putting an end to the lies. We are cutting through the bullshit once and for all, to figure out the health benefits of rosé.

What are the health benefits of rosé?

As with any alcoholic beverage, the potential health benefits only outweigh the risks when consumed in moderation. Try to limit yourself to one glass outside of special occasions. With that said, there are some pretty significant upsides to drinking rosé! Better cholesterol is one thing. Chemicals present in rosé help your heart stay healthy, keeping your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels down at healthy levels. The same chemicals can also reduce your risk for certain types of cancer and will help you combat aging and cognitive decline.

How healthy is rosé compared to other wine?

You could make a solid argument that rosé is the healthiest of all types of wine! The chemical compounds that lead to the amazing health benefits of rosé are found in greater quantities in red wine and orange wine (white wine made with extra skin contact), which might lead you to think that those varieties are actually the healthiest. However, most rosés have a lower calory count than reds and oranges, and dry rosés also tend to be much lower in sugar. So if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to your normal wines and beers, try for a rosé!

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