Thanksgiving and Wine

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means wine lovers around the are once again faced with the life altering, world shattering question: What wine should you serve at Thanksgiving? Should you choose a buttery white to complement the white meat of the turkey? Should you opt for a dark red to match the grim approach of winter? Should you give up, admit that both the world and you have gone insane, and serve each guest at your dinner table a can of original-strength Four Loko? If you feel lost in the world of Thanksgiving and wine, worry no longer: Amarose Wine Through the Grapevine Blog has got you covered.

Option 1: A Single Bottle

If you take great pride in your ability to put on a dinner, there is nothing that says cool confidence more than offering only a single type of wine for your friends and family to drink. If you decide to walk this path, you should know that it is less about the type of wine you provide and more about the statement made by not giving your guests options. Whether you’re pouring a dry zinfandel or a light pinot grigio, you must commit to your choice 100%.

Option 2: Give the Folks Some Options

If you’re not up for delivering a bold, holiday-defining statement by only opting for a single type of wine, don’t worry! It’s perfectly acceptable, and usually even preferred, to offer some options to your guests. While this option is a little less gutsy than the first one, it requires more work than you might think. You should pick your wines prudently, so that while you’re accommodating several tastes you are also complimenting your dishes.Go for a refreshing, tangy white like a Chenin Blanc or a Riesling, as well as a lighter red like Pinot Noir or a Zinfandel. While you’re at it, maybe even sneak a bottle of Amarose in there. Thanksgiving rosé could be the next big thing!

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