5 Appetizers To Pair With A Perfect Summer Rosé

It’s the end of July, and summer is in full swing! If you’re anything like us, the warmer months are filled with delicious summer wine, and especially delicious rosé. Our 2021 Amarose is crisp and refreshing and perfect for the muggy August weather. But it’s no fun to drink wine without a good pairing. A tasty summer rosé calls for a tasty summer appetizer, so here’s the five best apps to pair with Amarose this summer!

1- Charcuterie

Really? You might be asking. Charcuterie? I’m looking for new and novel foods to eat with my light and crisp summer wine and you’re suggesting charcuterie? Don’t worry. More exciting options are coming up. But the classics are classics for a reason.The salty meats and soft cheeses of a good charcuterie board go perfectly with a rosé, especially a fruity, dry Provence style rosé like Amarose.

2- Street Corn

One of the greatest imports from Mexico of the last twenty years also happens to go perfectly with a nice summer rosé. Slathered with sour cream, cilantro, cotija cheese, and lime zest, Mexican street corn is a perfect summer appetizer. Traditionally served straight off the cob, it can also be repurposed into a salad or a dip depending on what best suits your appetite. Pair it with a chilled glass of wine (preferably Amarose) and you’ll be in heaven.

3- Grilled Pineapple

    Most of the items on this list are very salt-forward– Appetizers that will maximize the refresh-factor of a crisp summer wine. But salt isn’t the only way to go! There’s nothing that says summer more like the smoky sweetness of grilled pineapple strips. It might not be the best pairing for a sweeter wine, but with a Provence style rosé like Amarose that leans more toward the dry side, it’s a perfect fruity appetizer for a summer evening.

4- Smoked Salmon

It’s well known that fish pairs well with rosé, and that’s true of appetizers as much as it is of entrees! Savory, creamy smoked salmon tastes great on a piece of bread with a little bit of cream cheese, and crisp summery wine is all you need to move your appetizer game to the next level.

5- Cocktail shrimp

    That’s right. It’s seafood week. Two in a row to end the list. I can’t be stopped. If you’re looking to pair your crisp summer rosé with an appetizer both salty and sweet, there is simply no better choice than jumbo shrimp and some cocktail sauce. Much like charcuterie, cocktail shrimp is a classic for a reason. The delicate seafood flavor compliments a light summer wine perfectly. Your taste buds will thank you!

    If these appetizers have inspired you, the first and most important ingredient is a glass of Amarose! Head on over to our ‘shop’ option and pick up a bottle or two!

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Lodi Rosé: Your New Obsession

To those in the wine world, both Lodi, California and rosé wine carry certain connotations. Some consider Lodi to be cheaper and less prestigious than other wine regions, and likewise rosé is sometimes considered less refined and less complex than other wines. Not only are neither of these assumptions true, but when combined, they take the best of each and combine them to create wines that are just as (if not more) delicious as reds and whites from Napa, while still having a lighter impact on your wallet. Lodi rosé will change the way you view wines– and here’s why.

Lodi’s Climate

    One of the reasons that Lodi, California is perfect for growing wine is its climate. Our tradition of winemaking comes from Europe, and Lodi’s climate is nearly a perfect match for places like southern France and Spain, areas that boast some of the best wine in the world. When you import Mediterranean grapes to America, there’s few places that can grow them better than Lodi. Not only that, but Lodi’s equivalents in the Mediterranean are also some of the preeminent producers of rosé. Lodi’s dry air and scorching summers ensure that the grapes used to make Rosé from Lodi is just as bold and full bodied as their European counterparts.

Rosé’s Diversity

    Rosé’s detractors in the wine world often deride the wine for its sweetness. And they’re not wrong– many rosés are overly sugary in a way that takes away from their natural flavors. However, Lodi rosé tends to be a fair sight more dry, while still maintaining that light, summery feel that makes the pink wine what it is. And if light and summery is a problem for the wine snobs, so be it! There’s nothing wrong with a refreshing wine.

    Lodi rosé is delicious, and it’s also diverse. Rosés from Lodi can have notes of mineral, citrus, apple, raspberry and more, ensuring that no two rosés are the same. If you’re looking to jump into the world of Lodi rosé, our professional, unbiased opinion is that you start with our very own 2021 Amarose. Fruity and floral, one sip of this crisp, dry Lodi rosé is sure to make you a lifelong fan. Pick up a bottle (or a few) right here!


Summer Wines

No matter how much we might wish otherwise, Time keeps marching steadily forward, and it is almost the summer.  Of 2022. I could have sworn it was 2019 three months ago. But whether your mental clock is, like mine, firmly stuck three years in the past or fully functional and up to date, the fact remains that summer is here, and that means it’s time to replenish the wine rack with some tasty varietals perfect for the warmer weather. Without further ado, here’s five wines you should be drinking this summer.


Sweet and fruity, Moscato is a perfect wine for a summer day. It’s got a lighter alcohol content than many wines and a floral aroma that calls to mind blooming gardens and blue skies.


Chardonnay is a quintessential white wine that pairs well with chicken, cheese, and seafood. If you’re on the coast this summer and looking to enjoy the day’s catch, it’s hard to find a wine varietal that would serve you better.


Despite red wines being generally considered a winter drink, the Pinot Noir is an excellent choice for the summer months. With less tannins and a lower acidity than other reds, the Pinot Noir can be enjoyed with almost anything.


If you’re looking for the opposite of Pinot Noir’s low acidity red, try a high acidity white with Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a flavorful wine that goes well with herb-heavy meals and refreshing green salads.


When it comes to summer wine, you really can’t beat rosé. It’s light, refreshing, and bursting with notes of fruit and flowers that are sure to put you in a carefree summer mood. This is an unbiased recommendation. I have no narrative to push. Incidentally, you can get delicious rosé shipped right to your house through the link on our website!

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