Rosé Season

outdoor dining table with 3 bottles of 2021 Amarosé Rosé wines and wine glasses.

The spring is always an exciting time. The sun is out for longer, the weather gets warmer, color returns to the trees, flowers bloom, birds chirp, and you can finally un-tense the muscles that you haven’t realized you’d been clenching all winter. But all of that is small potatoes compared to the real reason to look forward to spring: It’s finally rosé season! There are many ways to celebrate the great occasion, but here are a few of our favorites.

Pool of Rosé

A swimming pool is more of a summer feature than a spring one. Unless you’re in some place tropical it’s probably not warm enough yet to make a swim refreshing, but sometimes a pool doesn’t have to be swum in… maybe it can be sipped! If you get enough rosé to fill your nearest in-ground pool up to the brim, you can spend all day sitting in the sun and refilling your glass by dipping it right into the source! Amarose Wine is not liable for any illnesses or infections you might catch by creating and consuming a ‘rosé pool.’

Rosé Egg Hunt

A common Easter celebration is to decorate eggs and hide them all around the yard for children to find. However, if you’re not Christian, or if you are but love rosé more than God, this sort of non-secular activity can make you feel a little left out. Thankfully, we have a solution: replace the eggs with sip-sized pouches of rosé! Rosé season knows no religion, and can be celebrated by all. However, it should go without saying that once you add rosé to an egg hunt, you should no longer allow children to participate.

Replace Cleaning Supplies with Rosé

Spring cleaning is a classic springtime activity, but it’s not very ‘rosé season.’ Less creative wine bloggers might tell you to drink a glass of rosé while you clean, but I’ll do you one better: pour out all your cleaning fluids and replace them with rosé. Spray it on the windows. On the kitchen floor. Use it to polish your silver. It might not be very effective, but it will be very festive!

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