Rosé All Day! 4 Great Event Ideas


Rosé all day: The slogan of rosé lovers everywhere. But what does that really mean? You can’t just drink rosé from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, can you? Unfortunately, that is not a lifestyle we can recommend. Rosé is delicious, but if you’re planning on cracking open a bottle, you’ll want to plan some sort of event first. If you’re looking for ideas, look no further! Here are 4 casual events that will have you and your friends saying ‘rosé all day!’


    We’ve all been there: You’re at your fourth brunch of the month. At the first brunch you had a mimosa. Same with brunch number 2. Brunch number 3? Another mimosa. Now it’s brunch number 4 and you don’t think you can find it within yourself to drink yet another mimosa. No problem! Drink some light, crisp rosé instead. Break the mimosa’s monopoly on brunch!


    At a brunch, rosé is the upstart new kid on the block. But at a picnic, its reign is absolute. And for good reason! Rosé’s fruity and floral aromas match perfectly with a classic picnic spread of cheese and veggies and charcuterie. The rosé lifestyle would be incomplete without picnics! Likewise, a picnic without a bottle of rosé is, frankly, sad.

    Pool party

    A sunny day, a table of snacks, a pool, and some good friends. What’s missing? Enough  rosé for everyone! When you throw a pool party, you’ll want a chilled drink that you can sip slowly as you relax, and nothing fits that bill better than rosé. Grab your favorite pool floaty and a glass of your favorite bottle and let the good times roll.


    It’s Autumn, and that means that your dreams of sipping rosé at the pool might have to be placed on hold until summer. But worry not! You can have a tailgate instead. Next time there’s a sporting event in town, crack open the trunk of your car, break out the grill, and enjoy some food and rosé before the game.

    Whether you’re a recent convert to the rosé lifestyle or a long term enjoyer, head over to our online shop and pick up some Amarose today!

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