Rosé All Day: A Brief History

Rosé all day

‘Rosé All Day’ is the catchphrase of a lifestyle, a fun rhyme that rosé lovers use to express their love for the delicious pink wine. But how did the phrase come to be? What is the history of the movement, what are the underlying social and economic conditions that led to its birth, and most importantly, do you really have to be drinking rosé all day?

How Much Rosé Should You Really Be Drinking?

Lets address the last question first. The answer is no, you should not actually be drinking any alcohol all day. Have a glass with dinner or share a bottle on a weekend picnic. If you truly spend all day drinking rosé, the chances of your physical, mental, and social health sharply deteriorating rises exponentially. Rosé All Day is more about keeping the spirit of rosé alive even when you’re not drinking it. That means keeping it light, fun, and approachable 24/7.

How Did Rosé All Day Start?

It started with a tweet, posted in 2010 by the now deleted account @DIORSWORLD305, saying ‘ok we poppin bottles #BOSS CHICK #RoséAllDay.’ One can only guess at DIORSWORLD305’s state of mind at that moment when they made history. Perhaps they had just received a promotion at work, becoming in truth the ‘Boss Chick’ that they reference, and felt compelled to open a bottle of rosé in celebration. Perhaps it was an expression of exuberant defiance in the face of the slow recovery of the economy after the 2008 recession, that though the world was uncertain they remained the Boss Chick with the popped bottle of rosé. Whatever their motives, that tweet changed the world forever.

When Did The Phrase Spread?

Once cast into the world by DIORSWORLD305, our favorite catchphrase stewed in hibernation for 6 years before exploding into the popular consciousness in summer of 2016. The relative inexpensiveness of rosé combined with its eminent drinkability to create a drink perfect for a new generation of younger millennials entering the legal age of drinking. In those months from June to September, the hashtag #roséallday swept the internet and the real world, cementing rosé as more than just a niche wine style. By the end of that historic summer, Rosé All Day had been canonized by the greatest honor an internet-age cultural movement can receive: A scolding article from Vice accusing the hashtag of fomenting social rot.

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