Our Story

When Tim Covello left his stressful insurance job to pursue his dream of starting a wine company, he partnered with his daughter, Ally, to create an artisan rosé that celebrated their passion for good wine.

Our Name

Ama’ translates as ‘loves’ in Italian. We coined the term Amarose to reference our family heritage and our love of rosé while also alluding to the natural floral elements that our wine embraces.

Our Approach

We started Amarose to create an approachable but sophisticated rosé that gets rave reviews from both sommeliers and everyday wine drinkers. We believe that wine is ultimately about the joy of connection, and we hope that Amarose can bring people together, whether for everyday occasions or big milestones, and foster a broader, inclusive community of wine lovers.

The Founders

Tim and Ally Covello

Are a father-daughter team of wine lovers who set out to create the best domestic rosé to share with their friends and family.

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