John Wick Wine: The Top Pairings for Each Movie

John Wick Wine

If you’re headed to the movies this weekend, there’s a good chance you’re going to see John Wick: Chapter Four, the latest in the hit series of action movies where Keanu Reeve racks up triple-digit body counts while somehow pronouncing single or double word lines (‘Yeah,’ ‘Maybe not,’) with upwards of ten syllables each. But with each successive movie adding more and more twists to John Wick’s story, it might be a good idea to revisit the series before jumping into the fourth one. But if you’re going to do a movie marathon, what wine are you going to drink as you watch? Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a guide to which John Wick movie pairs best with which wine so your watch-through can go off without a hitch.

John Wick (2014): Rosé

The first John Wick is simple and sweet: John Wick’s dog gets killed by the mob, he retaliates by killing all of them. Movie over. You’ll want a wine that goes down just as smooth, and rosé is a great choice. The autumnal crispness of a good rosé will perfectly match the crispness with which John Wick double taps faceless bad guys with his signature pistol, and the light floral notes will accentuate the deep sadness you feel when John Wick thinks about his dead wife. (Maybe if you’re looking for a good rosé you can pick up a bottle of Amarose!)

Chapter 2: Petite Sirah

While the first John Wick is a trim, lean revenge story John Wick 2 ratchets up the melodrama, and so this John Wick wine will have to be equally rich and flavorful. In this one, John Wick gets caught up in a familial power struggle between a pair of siblings vying for a place in the ruling council of the international guild of assassins. Alluring glances, sexual tension, catholic imagery… What could pair better with that then a petite sirah? Petite Sirah is dark, full bodied, and rich, and every sip will immerse you further into the spooky politics of John Wick Chapter 2.

Chapter 3- Parabellum: Chardonnay

There is only one word that comes to mind when I think of John Wick breaking a rival’s neck on the spine of a library book, or throwing antique knives directly from a museum exhibit into an assailants chest, or racing a gang of evil bikers while bareback on a horse: Buttery. And what wine is more buttery than a chardonnay? Pour a glass of this popular white and enjoy how cool and smooth it is– just as cool and smooth as the final fight in the glass penthouse.

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