How to Pack a Perfect Spring Picnic

Amarose wine is designed for sharing, and there is no better place to share your wine than at a picnic. But while a picnic might sound like an easy and breezy way to spend a spring saturday, the uninformed picnic packer is in real danger of falling into a pit of unending despair in the form of an ill-packed picnic.You could make too many sandwiches, or not enough charcuterie. Your basket could fall apart en route if you don’t double check the structural integrity of the weave. A jaguar, lured by the scent of food, could attack and kill you and your friends as soon as you sit down. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s Amarose’s guide to packing the perfect spring picnic.

Stick to your shopping list!

Some people like to picnic with individual meals for each person, but I prefer a spread where everyone gets a little bit of everything. The problem this poses is that snacks are harder to quantify than individua meals, and so it’s pretty easy to walk out of the store having spent over a hundred dollars on every bag of nuts and wheel of cheese that looks yummy. Do not do this! Make a list beforehand, and do not deviate from it. It’s certainly better to have too much food than not enough, but both problems will be solved if you plan your shop properly.

Pack your spring picnic tight!

This is where your Tetris skills come in handy. Picnics are a mobile meal and so you’ll want it to fit in as few containers as possible. Imagine the embarrassment if you are forced to pack one basket worth of food into two baskets! A mortifying thought. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. Fill as much space with food as you can without cramming, and your picnic’s chances of success skyrocket.

Check the weather!

Spring is known for wind and rain on the days that it’s not sunny, so you’re going to want to keep an eye on the weather up until the hour of the picnic. The worst thing that can happen, except for jaguar incidents, is that the sky opens up on you, watering down your delicious Amarose and rending all of your delicious food soggy and ruined.  The weather can turn on a dime, so do everything you can to schedule for a date when the sun is out and the wind is down.

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