How to Have a Rosé Halloween

Halloween is coming up, and that means that everyone is going to need a costume! Whether you’re going out on the town or waiting by the door for trick or treaters, any self respecting holiday enjoyer knows that there is no greater shame than being dressed up as just a regular person, rather than a fun ghost or a sexy Frankenstein. But what do you do on Halloween if you literally can’t stop thinking about rosé? What if your partner wants to do a cute couples costume where they are a big pair of pants and you are a big shirt, but you just can’t get interested in something that doesn’t have an obvious connection to sweet, light rosé? Don’t worry. We’re here to save your rosé Halloween.

Costume 1: A bottle of Amarose

An easy idea to rosé-ify your halloween is to go as a bottle of Amarose. This is a pretty hefty costume, and unfortunately it would probably be pretty tough to create, but the results would be magnificent. At any halloween party you go to, there would be no question as to who the biggest rosé lover at the function is.

Costume 2: A glass of wine and its drinker

If you’re looking to do a couples costume, this one is great: Your partner could go as a glass of wine, and you could be its drinker! You wouldn’t need to change your outfit at all, but they would have to walk around as a living vessel of wine, and might need a breathing apparatus depending on how much you fill them up. If they really love you, though, they would do this in a heartbeat.

Costume 3: Every type of grape used in Amarose

As all Amarosé fans know, Amarose is made up of an equal blend of Grenache, Cinsaut, Carignan, and Mourvédre grapes. By making a costume out of this exclusive knowledge, you can filter your friends at the party by who is a true lover of Amarose and who is only pretending. The quantity of your social circle may shrink, but rosé Halloween isn’t about that. It’s about quality.

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