Four Great Tactics to Manage your Amarose Stash


If you read this blog, I know what you’re doing right now. I know what your days are filled with. You sit at home, on your couch or on your bed, unable to move much due to the quantity of Amarose wine that takes up every inch of your house. Drinking Amarose is so fun. Buying Amarose is so fun. But you are just one person, and you only have so much room in your house to sustain your Amarose hobby. But what are you going to do, stop buying so much of it? Nonsense. Here are our tips and tricks for keeping your Amarose horde under control.

Bury your Amarose!

Bank robbers in the old west and old farmers in the great depression knew a valuable truth: If something it precious to you, you must bury it. Dig a big hole where you think no one will look and stick your excess Amarose inside. Make sure to cover it back up and mark where it is, because one day you’ll want that wine. Having multiple wine-holes is a good way to keep your assets from danger– If one of your holes is discovered, you’ll always have more!

Mail it to yourself!

Something I like to do when I have too much Amarose is to mass-ship it to yourself. This can be a little expensive, especially if you are sending wine in the quantity that I am, but having a portion of your stash clogging up the arteries of  the postal system at all times is a great way to declutter your house. Just bring a truckload to the post office and ship it in as many boxes as possible, all to fake addresses. In a week or so they will be returned to sender, and you can start the process all over again.

Swimming Pool of Amarose

Pouring hundreds of gallons of Amarose into a swimming pool might be expensive.  It might ruin the wine. It might not even make for a refreshing swim. But think of how cool it would look! Scrooge Mcduck did not keep all of his gold in a swimming pool because it was efficient. He did it because he could. You could become the Scrooge McDuck of rosé.

Share it With Friends!

If you’re looking to do something normal with your Amarose instead of something completely insane, you should just have a friend over and drink it with them! Heck, have several friends over! Amarose is made to be shared. Let the good times flow!

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