Flowers and Wine

Rosé all day

Spring has officially sprung, and while we are still in the April Showers phase of the equation, the promise of May Flowers is just around the corner. If you’re like me, you’ve spent 2023 so far promising yourself that this year WON’T be like last year, that you won’t wait until the last minute to make matching pairs out of your wines and your spring flowers and end up completely swamped with work. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Nothing goes together quite like flowers and wine, so here are three flowers and the wines that best accompany them.

Roses – Pinot Noir

Some might think that roses would be best matched with rosé, but that would be silly. Besides a similar name the two have almost nothing in common. Roses are a deep, romantic red, and as such must be matched with a red wine. Pinot noir is light and fruity for a red wine, perfectly matching both the deep red color of a rose and the sweet smell.

Daffodils – Chardonnay

There is no flower more light and playful than a daffodil. It’s the spring flower of spring flowers, bouncy and yellow with a fun trumpet-like petal structure. Daffodils have a lot in common with chardonnay. Both are light in color, both are associated with good times and warm weather, and both are pleasant, light, and easy to enjoy.

Tulips – Rosé

Tulips: a beautiful flower, multicolored, symmetrical, associated with springtime, beautiful meadows, and obliterating the early-modern Dutch economy in a fiasco so unfortunate and stupid that it helped cost the country a centuries-long developmental headstart on the rest of Europe, losing any chance of becoming top dog of the continent. But we’re not here to talk about the failings of tulips, we’re here to talk about how tulips are just like delicious, crisp rosé! The flowers and wine are fragrant, light, and refreshing, and most importantly often get overshadowed by their peers. Had enough of roses? Give tulips a try. Sick of white wine? Rosé might just be the beverage for you.

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