Dungeons and Dragons Wine

Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Back in the 1980s, Dungeons and Dragons was a niche activity played by nerds and losers. But times change, and in the modern age the tabletop role playing game is not only popular, it’s cool. People listen to podcasts about DnD, play it at bars, and now there’s even a high budget film franchise based on it. If you’re one of the many people in their twenties who like to get a group of friends together and play DnD, you might be in search of the perfect Dungeons and Dragons wine, one that you can bring to a session and enjoy as you complete quests, kill monsters, and cause chaos in quaint medieval taverns. Search no more: Here is Amarose’s guide to the perfect DnD wine!

Lore Accurate

Something to be mindful of when selecting your Dungeons and Dragons wine is how well it fits into the world that you’re playing in. If the setting for your campaign is based on medieval europe, it might not make sense to drink sake. Maybe if the setting is gothic horror it might make sense to drink a dark, aromatic red, or if you’re adventuring in a summery setting you might want a cool, refreshing white.

Cost Efficient

DnD is a casual activity, and you probably don’t want to break the bank over it. So, if you’ve found the perfect wine, maybe a red blend based on an ancient recipe or a mead with a name like ‘viking blood,’ you might want to check the price tag first. Immersion is not worth spending 30 dollars or more for a wine that you’re going to drink casually as you play a tabletop game. Go for something a little cheaper, even if it compromises your vision a little.


So you’ve filtered wines by lore accuracy and cost efficiency, and what you’re left with might taste pretty bad! The worst case scenario for your Dungeons and Dragons wine is that it is disgusting, but thankfully, we have a solution: Rosé! It fits in many medieval and ancient settings (ancient winemakers could not get all the tannins out of red grapes, so their red wines were really rosés), it’s affordable, and it tastes delicious! Bring a bottle to your next Dungeons and Dragons session and your friends and co-adventurers will thank you.

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