Autumn Rosé: What Snacks Pair Best?


With the advent of September, summer is officially on its way out and autumn is upon us. Driving down to Seattle from my apartment in Bellingham, Washington, I was shocked at how much red and yellow dotted the deep green that normally lined Interstate 5. With autumn comes colder weather, warmer clothes, apple cider, thick stews, and, for some, an end to the summer’s rosé. Not to us though! Autumn rosé is just as delicious as summer rosé, and we’re here to prove it! Here’s 4 autumn snacks that are a perfect pair for some autumn rosé.

1. Caramel Apple

When you hear the words ‘crisp and refreshing,’ the two things that probably come to mind are apples and rosé. Pairing a sweet caramel apple with a sweet rosé might feel like a faux pas, but a dry Provence style rosé can be the perfect pair to this autumnal treat. Enjoy your apples either on a stick or in slices with the caramel as a dipping sauce, as wash it down with a crisp glass of autumn rosé!

2. Pumpkin bread

    Nothing says autumn like pumpkins, and in my opinion, the best way to enjoy a pumpkin is in a sweet slice of pumpkin bread! Get some friends together, open up a bottle of crisp autumn rosé, and watch the hours (and your plate of pumpkin bread) disappear!

4. Soft Pretzel

Autumn isn’t all about sweets! A warm, soft pretzel with some mustard for dipping is an excellent treat to toast the transition into winter. A crisp autumn rosé is the perfect accompaniment, as it will stand in delicious contrast to the sharp mustard. Channel those Oktoberfest vibes and go find yourself a pretzel!

5. Caramel Corn

    Autumn is the season of state fairs, and if you’re anything like me, you usually go home with way too much caramel corn. How do they fit so much into those bags? It’s insane! If you’re winding down from a day at the fair, or staring down the bag of delicious caramel morsels a week later, pair that sweet snack with a glass of crisp rosé.

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