Amarose: Wine or Skin Tag Product?

A woman pours a bottle of 2021 Amarosé Rosé wine into a wine glass on a table with vases of wild flowers in the background.

If you have ever plugged the word ‘Amarose’ into a google search, then you probably have noticed that we share our name with a very dodgy looking brand of skin tag remover. There is no issue of legality here, don’t worry. Amarose wine serves a very different market than skin tag remover and so there isn’t much danger of us muscling in on each other’s territories. That said, if you’re looking to purchase an Amarose product and you only have money in your pocket for one, let me tell you why Amarose wine is by far the better option.

You Can’t Drink Skin Tag Remover!

When you take a sip of Amarose rosé, you’ll be shocked at how crisp and delicious it is. Notes of apricot and raspberry will dance on your tongue. You will be transported to a world of summer beach trips and spring picnics. When you drink Amarose skin tag remover, you will be shocked at how bad it tastes. Your vision will grow fuzzy and you might pass out. You will be transported to the ER, where doctors and nurses will say things like “why did you drink skin tag remover? Are you insane?” When it comes to drinkability, Amarose Wine is running circles around the competition.

Amarose Wine is Honest About What Grapes We Use

If you stop by the Amarose website, you’ll see that we tell you exactly which grapes we use and in exactly what proportions: 25% Cinsaut, 25% Grenache, 25% Carignan, 25% Mourvèdre. The website for Amarose skin tag remover contains no information on grape content. Curious about how many grapes your product uses? What types of grapes? In what proportions are these grapes mixed? Amarose skin tag remover refuses to answer these questions. What are they hiding?

Where is Amarose Skin Tag Remover Made?

Amarose wine is the product of a boutique, family-operated winery based in Lodi California. The faces of Tim and Ally Covello, Amarose’s founders, are on our website for anyone to see. Who makes Amarose Skin Tag Remover? Beats me! For those of you who find yourself on the left side of the political spectrum, this skin product reeks of international CAPITALISTS! And if you’re on the right, this skin product reeks of INTERNATIONAL capitalists!

Clearly, there is only one option when it comes to Amarose. Unless you’re looking to deal with some skin tags. I cannot speak to Amarose wine’s efficacy in that area.

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