5 Appetizers To Pair With A Perfect Summer Rosé

It’s the end of July, and summer is in full swing! If you’re anything like us, the warmer months are filled with delicious summer wine, and especially delicious rosé. Our 2021 Amarose is crisp and refreshing and perfect for the muggy August weather. But it’s no fun to drink wine without a good pairing. A tasty summer rosé calls for a tasty summer appetizer, so here’s the five best apps to pair with Amarose this summer!

1- Charcuterie

Really? You might be asking. Charcuterie? I’m looking for new and novel foods to eat with my light and crisp summer wine and you’re suggesting charcuterie? Don’t worry. More exciting options are coming up. But the classics are classics for a reason.The salty meats and soft cheeses of a good charcuterie board go perfectly with a rosé, especially a fruity, dry Provence style rosé like Amarose.

2- Street Corn

One of the greatest imports from Mexico of the last twenty years also happens to go perfectly with a nice summer rosé. Slathered with sour cream, cilantro, cotija cheese, and lime zest, Mexican street corn is a perfect summer appetizer. Traditionally served straight off the cob, it can also be repurposed into a salad or a dip depending on what best suits your appetite. Pair it with a chilled glass of wine (preferably Amarose) and you’ll be in heaven.

3- Grilled Pineapple

    Most of the items on this list are very salt-forward– Appetizers that will maximize the refresh-factor of a crisp summer wine. But salt isn’t the only way to go! There’s nothing that says summer more like the smoky sweetness of grilled pineapple strips. It might not be the best pairing for a sweeter wine, but with a Provence style rosé like Amarose that leans more toward the dry side, it’s a perfect fruity appetizer for a summer evening.

4- Smoked Salmon

It’s well known that fish pairs well with rosé, and that’s true of appetizers as much as it is of entrees! Savory, creamy smoked salmon tastes great on a piece of bread with a little bit of cream cheese, and crisp summery wine is all you need to move your appetizer game to the next level.

5- Cocktail shrimp

    That’s right. It’s seafood week. Two in a row to end the list. I can’t be stopped. If you’re looking to pair your crisp summer rosé with an appetizer both salty and sweet, there is simply no better choice than jumbo shrimp and some cocktail sauce. Much like charcuterie, cocktail shrimp is a classic for a reason. The delicate seafood flavor compliments a light summer wine perfectly. Your taste buds will thank you!

    If these appetizers have inspired you, the first and most important ingredient is a glass of Amarose! Head on over to our ‘shop’ option and pick up a bottle or two!

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