2024 Wine: What Are The Trends?

We’re a few weeks into the new year, and there’s one thing on everyone’s minds: What wines will define 2024? If you want to remain relevant in this fast paced age of tik tok, chatGPT, bitcoin, and other things that I have learned about against my will, you need to get rid of all that boring old 2023 wine and stock up quick on the HOT NEW TRENDS. But what are these hot new trends? How can we predict what wine will be all the rage in the near future? It may seem impossible, but there are actually a few tricks that can make it quite easy.

2024 Wine: How to Find It

An effective but expensive method to increase your chances of acquiring the hot new wines before everyone else is to buy literally every bottle of wine you can find. Will 2024 be dominated by dark, smoky reds? Maybe! Buy as many as you can find. What about buttery, oaky whites? The same. If you have the cash, this is the most effective way to make sure that you are stocked up with what you need to look cool.

Of course, there are more sophisticated ways to find 2024 wine. If you have your nose to the ground and know what to look for, you might be able to find the trendiest wine with the highest degree of accuracy. It may take a while to properly analyze all the various external factors that make a wine the next big thing, such as weather patterns, socioeconomic trends, national and international spiritual health, and more. But the results will be worth it!

That’s a lot of work.

It is! If you have neither the money to buy every wine, nor the time to develop a skill for trend-finding, then there’s still an option for you: Buy some rosé. Its good for every season, it’s loved by all, and it never goes out of fashion. The hunt for 2024 wine can be over with just a single purchase.

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